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* One-On-One Tutoring

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Lisa Hubble, Deaf ASL Instructor

Welcome to the Sign Language online class of the 21st Century. We offer professional American Sign Language (ASL) instruction through the convenience of live ASL instructors on the internet. Our innovative internet teaching approach provides clarity, rhythm, expression, and language flow that cannot be fully expressed through books, video and still photography alone.
By using the Internet as the primary medium of instruction, our services allow people to learn ASL from the comfort of the home or office.

Sign Language classes will be offered through Zoom and Skype, an internet platform that allows live interaction for one on one instruction, or an internet classroom with up to ten students from separate locations and the instructor. The platform also allows Power Point, white board, MS word, and other supplemental tools to be used during the class. Additional benefits of live instruction include fresh updates and evolving supplemental materials unique to the customer needs, which will be delivered online.

Who Will Benefit From Our Class?

*Parents or siblings of a Deaf child
*Parents or siblings of a child with special needs where communication through verbal language has been difficult
*A spouse or someone in a relationship with a Deaf person
*A prospective interpreter
*A teacher of Deaf children
*Business Owners with Deaf employees
*The Department of Education
*Government/Public Institutions
*Religious groups that serve Deaf people
*Someone eager to learn a foreign language
*People with hearing loss

Perhaps you or your group have wanted to learn ASL previously, but were unable to make the time to commute to class or facilitate a class at the workplace. Now, as long as there is access to computers and the internet, you or your group can begin learning ASL with far less hassle. We will provide quality ASL instruction using a fun, patient, interactive approach. 

Learn in Our Live Interactive Classroom

• All classes are recorded and will be available for student viewing-Free of charge upon request
• Free ASL Practice with your classmates online weekly